Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

Third meeting in Germany, Paderborn

Dear interested readers,

on the 14th and 15th of December the OPALESCE-partners will meet at the University Paderborn to discuss about the projects’ progress and the steps laying ahead of us.

This meeting is highly important for the overall project as the theoretical/ conceptual phase is behind us now, and therefore we have a practical oriented meeting on which we are going to discuss first mock-ups and prototypes.

We are looking forward to test the first prototypes soon and to see how the target group members respond to what we have created – but the evaluation results we gathered until now are promising.

Best regrads and stay tuned!

Structure of micro units in OPALESCE

In OPALESCE the Micro Units can be designed and used separetly to foster the idea of short learning nuggets. Moreover, it is possible to design a setting of several micro learning units which can be combined to get a better overview about the topic and a deeper knowledge.

Therefore, core learning units can be combined and sequenced. In this case they are framed by a starting unit with a general introduction and a closure unit:

OPELESCE Micro unit structure