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Interesting Conference on Opalesce in Nikosia, Cyprus

The fourth conference of OPALESCE started in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Website with the information on all Mircounits and the Mobile App of OPALESCE

was presented and discussed by the partner. The partners were able to agree on different categories of micro-units which will be integrated. Moreover, the length of texts, audios and videos was fixed. So, the discussion led us to helpful structural elements and a successful approach to the design of mirco-units. These units are currently under final construction.


Backend under construction

Currently, the backend of the OPALESCE Tool is again under construction. We are creating a way to reach more usabilty. It is important that the tool can be enteres in an easy way and that the main functions can be found quickly. Here, the new backend will help to support an adequate frontend of the tool.

OPALESCE is in the middle of the project duration

OPALESCE skribble

After about one half of the project duration we are proud to say that not only the platform for Mirco Units is conceptualised but that it is also programmed in wides areas. The interest in OPALESCE is huge. This could be seen again a few days ago on our presentation od project results in Portugal on a scientific conference. A growing number of people looks at OPALESCE and the approach of Micro Units. This approache is really good to implement and presents itsself as didicatial and pedagogical fruitful.

OPALESCE on the Didacta fair 2016

The presentation of OPALESCE on the Didacta fair 2016 in Cologne was a great success.
We presented the core information and the Micro Unit system to a broad audience.
The feedback was really amazing. The teachers and trainers as well as the educators and educational experts at our both were impressed of the results at this early stage of the project.


Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner and Matthias Teine were really proud to present the results.

OPALESCE meeting in Paderborn

The OPALESCE Meeting in Paderborn, Germany was really successful. The partners discussed on the concrete design of the Learning Units. Therefore, we reflected the way how to create films, texts, tasks and assessments. The first impressions of the Learning Units are already finished and the are already amazing. Now, the partners have to create the tool and the elements of the learning units in a more specific way. The meeting was an important step of the project and all partners are very happy with the results.
photo third partner-meeting