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OPALESCE is becoming bigger

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In the last week we had several discussions on OPALESCE and the structure of learning units.
Every time the teacher, educators, students and researchers were really impressed about the project and the results on the structure of learning units. Moreover, a teacher from a German school in Cologne pointed out that the idea of creating a tool for senior also offers the possibility to use this tool as well for younger learners. For teacher it would be a great opportunity to use a tool like this, due to the fact that usually a teacher or trainer has not enough time to create things like this without such a tool support. “OPALESCE in teaching and learning situations at schools helps to enhance quality in teaching and supports teachers”, said Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner in this context.

Great feedback on the learning structure of OPALESCE

Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner presented the learning structure of OPALESCE to scientist and learners at a meeting in Cologne at the end of November 2015. The feedback was really great and positive.

“It is important to create a clear structure for micro units and learning nuggets. This helps the learners and provides them with orientation in their learning process.” explained Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner.

Structure of micro units in OPALESCE

In OPALESCE the Micro Units can be designed and used separetly to foster the idea of short learning nuggets. Moreover, it is possible to design a setting of several micro learning units which can be combined to get a better overview about the topic and a deeper knowledge.

Therefore, core learning units can be combined and sequenced. In this case they are framed by a starting unit with a general introduction and a closure unit:

OPELESCE Micro unit structure