OPALESCE Workshops

In order to ensure effective cooperation and communication during the whole project it is important to agree on rules among the consortium partners. Communication and cooperation will take place via internet, through online based meetings and face-to-face meetings with all project partners.

In five face-to-face meetings the partners will have the opportunity to meet and work together directly.

Meeting 1 in Portugal, February 2015
After an unfortunate initial delay, our first meeting took place in February 2015 in Almeirim, Portugal at the offices of our coordinator RUTIS. Eight persons from the different partner organisations attended the meetings, and we were also happy to welcome our supervisor from the National Agency as a guest. We used this meeting primarily to discuss the rationale of the project, to distribute the tasks to the partners, and to clarify roles.

Meeting 2 in Greece, July 2015
The second partner meeting  took place from the 15th to 15th July 2015 in Athens, in the facilities of the Demokritos research center. Here, nine peple from the different partner organisations participated in the meeting. We had different presentations on the Learning Concept Design & Interactive Task System, the structure and potential look of Micro Units, the financial adminstration, and the dissemination of the project activities and outcomes.

Meeting 3 in Germany, December 2015
In November 2015 our third international partner meeting took place in the University Paderborn, in Germany. This meeting was considered as a technical meeting, as the focus was on the presentation of mock-ups and prototypes of the Distance Learning System and the Online Portal. We had constructive discussions that will lead the upcoming development actitivites. Moreover, our focus was on the creation of a more detailed DEOR Strategy, as we will have pratical outputs we can showcase to stakeholders soon.

Meeting 4 in Cyprus, November 2016
The meeting in Cyprus will take place in November 2016.

Meeting 5 in Portugal, June 2017
The final meeting in Portugal has not been scheduled yet.

You can find additional information, the results and presentations in the download section of this website: click here.