Second partnermeeting in Greece, Athens

Dear OPALESCE followers,

The projects runs and progresses well and a lot of conceptualization and also evaluation work has been done at this comparatively early stage of the three-year project.

Today, we wanted to inform you that the consortium agreed to have the next partnermeeting and workshop in Athens at our partners from Demokritos. The meeting will take place from the 15th – 17th July 2015.

The meeting will be a milestone in regard to the completion of the so called Learning Concept Design and the Interactive Task Systems. Both are comprised in one document that encompasses several aspects of didactical criteria, pedagogics, andragogy and the design criteria and concepts of the learning resources (Micro Units) that will be made available through the distance learning system. Furthermore, we have outlined a concept of how the learners can interact with the system primarily based on different assessment formats. This document will be the very basis for the Handbook that addresses resource creators and should help them to create sound and qualitative resources. The meeting in Athes will be the initial point for the development of this handbook.

Till then, the Learning Concept Design and the Interactive Task System have been evaluated within the project consortium in two different cycles and with adult learners respectively senior citizens as well.

We will keep you up to date and inform you about the projects progress.

Best regards,

Matthias T.